Tuesday, April 15, 2008


hulk toys

Even though he's getting another summer blockbuster this year, I still say the Hulk was never more popular than in the late 70's. The TV series was, in my opinion the thing that made the character the pop culture icon he is today. Merchandising back then went from logical to the truly insane, I mean why would the Hulk need a race set?

hulk toys

For no other reason than "Because I can", I'd like to showcase some Hulk live appearance pictures, Marvel never quite got it right. When I met the Hulk in 1975, he was a big balloon, complete with fan and you could see the guys loafers underneath. The suit above is an improvement but still kind of weird.

hulk toys

The 1979 Philadelphia Car Show had a great idea, dress up a local body builder for the event, not bad, bet it fooled a lot of kids.

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chunky B said...

Should have called the Hulk Race Set "Road Rage"!

Anonymous said...

The Hulk was one of the few shows I couldn't get into as a kid. I was TERRIFIED of him!!! Anyone remember the episode of Mr. Rogers where he showed how they did the make-up for the show? That helped me be less afraid, but I still never liked him...

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Philadelphia Hulk named in the Mitchell Report?

That other monstosity Hulk looks like one of the brothers from War of the Gargantuans.


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