Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Evel Knievel Takes on Big Cavities!

teeth by stuntman

"Let's face it.....Evel Knievel can convince kids to brush their teeth better than you can!" Right, he can pick his own teeth up from the bottom of his rocket car and show kids how white and clean they are.

bricks picks

In other Evel Knievel news, World's Greatest Toys Blog is taking a look at the Evel Knievel products pitched by Mego in 1975. These are the rarely talked about Bike accessories and *ahem* Popsicles(!) Evel was playing both sides when it came to tooth decay.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap - that toothbrush setup would have taken up my entire bathroom. Who had room for that on their sink?

wurwolf said...

So what is the price of that thing? $15.99 or $5.99? If it's $15.99, that's the weirdest 1 I've ever seen.

You're right, dancin' homer. You'd need an extra table set up in your bathroom just so your kids could brush their teeth.

Anonymous said...

Gleem toothpaste...oh my gosh. Forgot about that one.


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