Friday, April 04, 2008

The SunShine Family

mattel sunshine family
I'm surprised I'm doing this update because these figures kind of gave me the creeps as a kid. The Sunshine Family were devised by Mattel as grown up hippies now starting their families in the middle of the "Me Decade". These extremely large eyed figures had a real folk art scene going on and remained popular for four years.
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While girls were playing with the Sunshine family in North America, kids in the UK and Europe got Havoc a female super agent with a really big head. It's a really neat look into a relatively obscure toy line.

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JFStan said...

Ah yes! The Sunshine Cult.. I mean Family. With their empty, soulless eyes and robotic smiles, it's like the Stepford Wives meets Village of the Damned! They'll have you drinking the kool-aid in no time!

About Havoc: I always thought it ironic that the box art was TOTALLY HOT while the doll itself was kinda freakish.


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