Saturday, April 12, 2008

Me as yoda, halloween 1980. Yes, hmmm.

Found this today and thought I'd share, me in my Ben Cooper Yoda costume circa 1980. Like a lot of kids then, I was pretty smitten with the character at the time, not so much anymore mind you. I decided to go for realism with the costume by adding the greenest sweater I owned, some playtex gloves and my pajar boots, just like Yoda didn't wear. I don't why I was trying to add realism to a dark blue suit with Yoda's face on it, guess that comes with being nine.

If I ever wanted evidence of having a large head, this photo is it, it looks as if Yoda is wearing a hair hat.

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JFStan said...

I was Yoda that year as well.. My mom shelled out big bucks for the Don Post latex mask and made me a full costume. I'm sure somewhere a picture exists.. I need to find it!


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