Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Marvel Mania

I've mentioned this before but Bop Bags truly confuse me, why would you want to beat the crap out of your favourite character?

This Captain America Bop Bag is ever worse, isn't he the sentinel of liberty? Isn't throwing a punch at old cap a bit like punching the flag?

If you had one of these as a kid, your future political careers could be dashed if any photographic evidence exists of you wailing on Cap (RIP).

As a kid, Captain America was quite possibly my favourite Superhero, which many find strange seeing as I'm Canadian. I think it was the shield personally, I could really fling the one on my Mego Captain America figure.

Hulk Pajamas

Moving onto the Hulk, I'm loving these amazing Hulk PJs I found, mostly because of the attention to detail (the purple pants), wonderful.

Links of Interest related to this topic: 1975 Our Ways Studios Catalog

Azrak Hamway Gallery

Hulk Pajamas

Speaking of Marvel Mania, fans of Spider-Man should really check out Spider-Man Collector, it's easily the most thorough Spider-Man collectibles site ever. I honestly wish every superhero had a site as good as this one.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our 2nd Birthday Bonanza!


tjo' said...

We had a Batman bop bag and yeah, i always felt sort of villainous whenever i punched it.

We dug up on of those old superhero style punching bags last year at work, only it was a knockoff. You were supposed to put water in the base of it. We put it on a guys chair with a hat on it, but it leaked everwhere by morning and the cleaning staff gave me dirty looks all day.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, my bop bag had Bozo the Clown on it. If you ever watched Bozo, you'd probably agree that his beatings were justified.

My kids have a Spongebob bop bag. They love Spongebob, but have no problem wailing on him. He's a sponge, he can take it.

rob! said...

there shoulda been a Red Skull bop bag, that way you could punch it to your heart's content...i mean, he's a Nazi, for pete's sake! schweinhundt!

Bubbashelby said...

They should have marketed the Cap bag as a "Salute-Bag"

As your kids go by, they salute the Cap for his decades of service!

Then you could yell to your kids "He DIED for YOU!" and make them drop and give you twenty.


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