Friday, April 11, 2008

Matchbox Mobile Action Command


Mobile Action Command or MAC is one of the most underrated action figure lines of the 1970's.

The concept is centered on the nameless men of MAC, an international rescue operation similiar to the Thunderbirds, each man has his own quasi futuristic vehicle. The combination of a 2" figure and attractively priced vehicle lured me many times and the lack of a back story intrigued me and millions of other children world wide. The thing I hear most about MAC these days from collectors is "I had that but never knew what they were called!"


Check out the 1977 MAC Catalog on Plaidstallions


If you'd like to know even more about MAC, check out Mobile Action Command Headquarters which has more information and catalogs from other years.


chunky B said...

I totally don't remember these, but I really dig the mini rigs, those would have been awesome.

Arkonbey said...

OMG! You seem to do this often: show a toy that I don't remember at all until you post it, then the memories come flooding back.

Holy crap, it's actually a rush!I remember the red/white earth logo on the side of the green truck.

This is another instance of "what happened to this damn thing? My family NEVER threw anything away!"


Bonhomme said...

I had a sky blue shirted MAC guy as a kid who was one of my favorite action figure for a long time.

I remember drawing Mobile Action Command Earth logo on cars magazine clipping as a kid with my dad, but the name of this line had eluded me for years until a short while.

Great to see them in action and group shot, those are sure neat figure, with their vehicule, sideburn and all.

Canucklehead said...

I remember standing in the toy aisle at the department store with my allowance in my hand. I really wanted Star Wars figures, but for the same price I could buy these little dudes with bending knees AND a vehicle! I eventually bought two or three of them. They really did need a back story though, didn't they? :) They still have a special place in my boyhood memory.


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