Monday, April 28, 2008

Circus World: The Toy Store in the Mall

circus world toy ad from 1980 click for a bigger view

I spent the weekend with friends cruising the Chicago toy show (expect photos from that tomorrow) and one of the cooler things I got came from my pal Charlie's basement (which has been subject to a couple of blog posts) and not the show itself.

This clipping from June 4th 1980 (Click here for a bigger view) has a lot of cool toy memories packed in there such as energized Spider-Man, 12' boba Fett, the Fisher Price Ferry Boat and all the two dollar Empire Strickes Back figures you can carry. Sigh, can somebody go back in time and get me a Bossk?

BTW, thanks again Charlie!

Links of Interest: Woolco Toy Land Ad

1975 Toys R Us Newspaper Circular


rob! said...

"The Toy Store in the Mall"--must have taken them days to come up with that memorable catch-phrase.

JFStan said...

I remember visiting a Circus World in Springfield, IL a long time ago.. They eventually were bought by KB.

Lady Jaye said...

Wow, $30 on sale for a Mattel Football 2 or Baseball handheld game!

Arkonbey said...

Last year for xmas, a good friend, who was not a Star Wars fan, gave me three ROTJ-era figures that his mom found in the back of his closet. still in the package: some damn cloud city white robot, one of Jabba's guards (maybe 'Nikto') and a Darth Vader. The best was that all had the marked-down price stickers from CVS drugstores: $1.99.

and I didn't like Boskk because of his very straight arms:(


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