Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Open the door, to your mystery date!

Not a dud in the bunch, although number four is the dreamiest. I think it's the moustache and the fighting stance, I'm a sucker for both.

bricks picks
If you liked yesterday's blog about Incredible Hulk Toys then you'll love the one I wrote for Topless Robot entitled The Top Ten Most Incredibly Lame Hulk Toys. It's a look into some of the more strange Hulk merchandising over the years.


smacky said...

Bachelor #4 is a young Kurt Vonnegut!

JFStan said...

#4 - It's-a me, Mario!

Hey, I actually had that Spidey ski-mask.. One of the greatest creations to come out the 70's!

wurwolf said...

Guys, guys... you're all overlooking the dishy fellow on the top right! With his Benecio Del Toro good looks, his expression is telling us that while he may be wearing a plaid coat, a peach-colored shirt and a bowtie that's as big across as his head, he's still more manly than any of these other chumps. And that goes for you especially, #4.

(LOL on the Kurt Vonnegut and Mario comparisons)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, when I looked at #4 I saw Joel Steinberg. But the Vonnegut comparison is dead-on, and "It's-a me Mario" was hilarious.

Great Hulk article. Your comments on the Toilet Paper and RollerSkates were too funny.

I also had the Spidey ski mask, and yes, it rocked like no other winterwear.

Anonymous said...

To tie things in with your Hulk posting... doesn't the guy in the upper right look like Jack Colvin, who played reporter Jack McGee on "The Incredible Hulk"? He looks like he's trying to figure out how the Hulk keeps giving him the slip.

cocololoco said...

The one on the green mask reminds me of the person who a BofA on my neighborhood


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