Friday, October 22, 2010

1975 Imperial Toys Catalog

When discussing Rack Toys, Imperial Toy has to come up, they were and still are kings of the industry.

One of their formulas for success was to not invest heavily in licenses but create their own brands. It really did work as many of us had happy childhoos playing with Poopatroopers, Kooky Spooks and assorted Imperial animals such as Congo Gorilla.

Click on the pictures for an indepth look.

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Blog for Light is the New Dark - Studio said...

I have to admit it. I had the giant gator when I was 5 and used to stick my plastic cowboy + indian figures in his jaws.

Anonymous said...

Holy childhood flashback, Batman!
I remember being at my cottage around the ages of 1-10 and always playing with a box of toys and things left over from my mother's childhood. The Impierial toy cataloge 1975 'Bite O' Fashion' looks EXACTLY like a toy that had always mystified me. It was an chunky, half- inch thick, Oreo on a string with a bite taken from it. One thing though... in 1975 my mother was 22.
Maybe this was a earlier version of the same toy?
Thank you, Plaid Stallions, for solving one of my earliest mysteries! I knew I hung around here for a reason! Keep up the great work and thanks again!
Your devoted follower/stalker,

Drive-In Mike said...

Thanks for the Imperial post. As a kid, I loved their U.S. Infantry army men. Two came in each pack, and the soldiers always looked awesome. I recall having to argue with my mom that these were a better buy than a pack of 20 or so.

Umbratikus said...

My brother and I used to collect the Spooky Kookies. I mean we actually collected them as kids when they were on the toy store shelves. I think I still have them somewhere. I know I have the skeleton in the red pants. He was my favortite. I even had him hanging in my dorm room in college.

Afner Hernandez said...

Hello People, I found a King Kong made by Imperial from 1976, and I am selling it on eBay if someone is interested, its in very good condition even when it´s 35 years old. I leave you the eBay link so you can check it out, thanks for your time.


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