Sunday, October 24, 2010

Colouring Book Theatre: Jaws 2

Jaws 2" by Treasure Books (1978)

 If there ever was a horror film phenom in the 1970s, it was the original Jaws, a movie that made a generation scared of going out in the water.

I did not see the film when it first came out but reputation alone carried it to the schoolyard. While merchandise for the original Jaws was light when it came to the sequel, there were sharks everywhere, inlcuding trading cards, comic books and this colouring book.

The book itself is thicker than normal and I assumed you would run out of blue crayons very early in the day if you set out on this one.

If you want to experience the terror, check it out after the jump:

80% of the book is drawings of either people swimming or the Shark, the Shark looks menacing but is never seen eating anything or anybody which isn't surprising really. It's page after page of the Shark doing this.
Yep, it's a non stop action ride for a while but believe it not, the book tries to tell the story of Jaws 2 with out using any of the carnage.

We now return to Jim Henson's Roy Scheider Babies..

The finale to Jaws 2 has never looked more thrilling!

We're safe but for how long?

I just realized that I only showed the Shark once, sorry about that.

If you have a colouring book you'd like to guest review, I'd like to hear from you!


Wings1295 said...

Don't see stuff like this these days. No Piranha 3D coloring book. :(

John III said...

What the? Did Jaws knock himself out running into the lighthouse?

TS66 said...

i had this coloring book when i was a kid (maybe 4 years old) and remember adding lots of blood into the water. I don't think i was morbid to do so. i was just trying to make it look more like the movie.


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