Monday, October 04, 2010

Godzilla Battles The Tricephalon Monster

A wonderful update as our Halloween Countdown progresses a look at the HG Toys classic Godzilla playset which includes a story of kindness and a tale of nerd vindication, all that and a new Plaidstallions Trading card, after the jump.

Readers of this blog might recall that I have had a near life long ambition to own this play set ever since I saw it in the back of Famous Monsters as a kid. Enter fellow Tricephalon fan Doug (goes by Manziz on the Mego Museum message boards ) who alerted me to one on EBay. Sadly the seller blocked all Canadians (grrrr!) so Doug took it upon himself to buy it and ship it to me.
And here it is, set up in my office just in time for my Halloween Monster display. I am completely blown away not only by Doug's kindness in QBing this purchase for me but also the fact at how cool this set is in person. Even my kids were immediately enthralled by it and all it's little details. Their favourite bit is also mine:
Angry old lady shaking her cane at the monsters, bliss...

In the midst of our transaction, Doug suggested also that the set would make a great trading card, which made a lot of sense. It took me longer than it should have but card 36 is one of my favourites of all time. It goes without saying it's dedicated to Doug and of course, Godzilla.

1974 summer toys catalog . 1974 HG Toys Puzzle Catalog.1979 HG Toys Catalog


John Rozum said...

I've always wanted to see inside that playset myself. Thanks for the pics.

By the way, my son uses those exact same tanks to battle his Godzilla toys.

I'm really digging your countdown.

Monsterforge said...

Ooooooooo! Finally we get to see what the set is all about! LOVE IT!

That card is probably my favorite one so far!

Great post!

Fiona said...

I can't understand why someone would block Canadian buyers. Surely their money's as good as anyone else's, and any extra P&P costs can be taken care of by ticking "buyer pays shipping"?

C. Elam said...

That is an awesome story. Congratulations!

I remember dying of curiosity when I saw this in a Warren magazine, so it's cool to see pics of it now.

Plaidstallions said...

Hey Fiona, blocking Canadians is a big pet peeve of mine. One ebay seller even refused to ship when I gave her my grandmothers address in Florida, she "didn't trust Canadians". That was a new one...

John III said...

NEVER trust a Canadian, especially French ones!

J/K !!

Unknown said...

Wow... I actually had that play set when I was a kid.played with it for hours. I remember the little tanks and other vehicles and little men.
If I remember correctly, the Godzilla had a hole in the bottom to place your thumb or finger. It was a very hard and solid plastic figure.
I don't know what I did with it or what happened to it.


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