Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Monster Squad Gallery Update

It's been over a year since I unveiled the web page to my obsession with collecting things related to the 1976 Saturday morning series "The Monster Squad" and I'm happy to report that I have some new additions, a couple of which I had no idea existed until I found them:

Finally unearthed a pair of the Collegeville costumes, I'm convinced that Frank was never offered by Collegeville, I'm not sure as to the why.

This is the "adult" version of Dracula, it comes with a cloak and not a smock like Bruce, so I guess I'm still on the hunt for that. Dracula has some honey mustard on his chin..

The boxes are generic but at least mention Monster Squad.

This little version of Frank is from a toy line called "Chained Monsters" and are not officially licensed but why else would Franky have a monster band radio belt? If anybody has the Dracula and Wolfman from this series for sale, do drop a line...

Here's one I didn't know about, Rand McNally did a Monster Squad colouring book! Lost my marbles when I saw this on ebay but nobody else even bid.  I'll be going into greater detail on this opus very shortly.

Visit the Monster Squad Merchandise Gallery

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Linda Kay said...

I am SO jealous they put out this much stuff for Monster Squad! Kids from C.A.P.E.R. didn't fare as well.


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