Friday, October 29, 2010

The 1973 Ben Cooper Catalog gets Groovy

1973 Ben Cooper Halloween Catalog

The name “Ben Cooper” and “Halloween” are pretty synonymous to children of the 1970s/ The company produced a staggering amount of items devoted to October 31st and chances are if your parents used “store bought” costumes, they were from Ben Cooper.

1973 Ben Cooper Halloween Catalog

1973 like every year is a load of fun, lots of popular licenses (including the insanely logical Groovy Goolies) , popular generics and neat-o stuff like Jigglers which were popular year round.

1973 Ben Cooper Halloween Catalog

Click Here to Explore the 1973 Ben Cooper Halloween Catalog

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plasticfetish said...

I blame you for my Ben Cooper addiction.

John said...

I vividly remember being super into my Squeaky the Bat one Halloween in the early 70's! And this was in Naples, Italy! Had me some plastic fangs and a black plastic cape to complete the fantasy. But Squeaky was the part I recall most fondly.


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