Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gre-Gory is a loser?

From the "parents just don't understand" file, I bring you a 1980 report crapping on a toy that any ten year old knows to be awesome, Gre-Gory the Vampire bat. The group questioned it's play value? It's big bat filled with blood, do I need to spell it out for you?

I can't go a Halloween season it seems without talking about Gre-Gory (something I have always pronounced "Gree-gory") . Always wanted one, never so much as held one and it's starting to get a touch old.



Unknown said...

I had this toy as a kid (and as an adult) and absolutely loved it! It used to fight my Star Wars guys as a giant alien bat-beast! Hours of play-time indeed!

Chris Thorndycroft said...

Pah! What do they know?

Frederick said...

I never had one, but I always liked this ad from one of my comics:

Kevinperson said...

I have one...blood is a little dried up after all these years, but it is still a wonderful toy. Hit eBay, I'm sure you could find one for yourself!

Lee said...

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