Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When I grow up I want to be....

Although before my time, I kind of dig these early seventies play suits which I'm sure doubled as Halloween costumes. I love how boys can be Batman, Superman and the Lone Ranger but the girl's choices are more grounded in reality.

Dig the ears on the bat suit, looks like the 40's movie serial version.

This flash forward to 1978 shows that girls can be superheroes too. Nobody in the 70s seems to have gotten even a semi accurate Batman costume. They always seem to have to oversell the name, like without it you'd think it was an insurance salesmen costume.

ben cooper frankenstein costume

Proof this site is bad for me department: I've never had any ambitions to collect vintage Halloween Costumes but this Sunday found me at a toyshow with $20 in my pocket and the neat-o graphics on this Ben Cooper Frankenstein outfit were overpowering. Is it just me or this another example of swiping from the Aurora artwork?


Arkonbey said...

The red boy's uniform is great, but what is it? RCMP? Random US state trooper? Cartoon Nazi? (The hat and sand goggles are a bit Afrika Korps-y

Anonymous said...

Really, I would have guessed he's the Red Baron.

I would be pretty freaked if that guy pulled me over on the highway.

wurwolf said...

My first thought when I saw that was, OMG, I don't remember seeing anyone dressed as a Nazi when I went out for Halloween.

I was always the kind of kid who loved putting together my own Halloween costumes. My favorite was when I was a milkmaid. I wore a Tyrolean-style dress and clogs, threw a banadana with red yarn braids attached on my head, and drew freckles on my face. For the finishing touch I used a metal pail for my Halloween candy. It was awesome. I think I was like ten when I did this.

Arkonbey said...

wurwolf: a costume with integrated candy receptacle! You don't see that every day. Hmmm. Should have gone as some sort of marsupial rather than a telephone lineman when I was ten.


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