Monday, October 27, 2008

More Monster Rack Toys

With Halloween appraoching, it seemed like a great time to showcase all the little additions I have for the various Rack Toy pages on the site. It's all about the Monsters this week.

Above is a carded Azrak Hamway Frankenstein, later issue than the one previously featured on the site, the card now includes Dracula (and sadly, deep sixes the Creature). The doll no longer has a green body or a shirt. As crude as this is, I am really smitten with this one it looks like a guy wearing a Frankenstein Halloween mask.

This is an early version of the Mummy, he's kind of got a skirt going on with those bandages. Dig the blood all over him, he's been a busy boy.

This is an AHI jointed wrist Frankenstein, showing off his ability. He needs a jacket to be complete.

I'm normally not a big Dracula guy but I totally love this Bendy by AHI. Bendy figures are a weakness of mine and this guy also kind of resembles the Dracula puppet in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall".

Another Bendy from AHI, this time it's the Wolfman, a favorite character of mine. These things are not only adorable but totally addictive. If anybody has the Mummy or the Creature for sale, drop me a line.

This young lady was apparently marketed as a "victim" to go along with the Lincoln Monsters by a catalog company. One of my sources believes it was the Harriet Carter Catalog, anybody remember or possibly have a scan?

Finally, we have a variant of the Lincoln Phantom of the Opera, I am really fond of this one because it's the same version I had as a kid. The other version has ripped sleeves and lacks the ruffles, the Phantom was a better dresser in my eyes. I'm also pretty positive this is the same figure I owned but stupidly sold in the eighties, the battered card it came on looks awfully familiar.


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