Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spooky Store Displays.

collegeville display
Some cool items to highlight on this fine October day, this is a 1983 Collegeville store display for "Halloween Accessories" which is stuff similiar to the Imagineering stuff from yesterday. I dig the fangs and fake blood but the big ears are a little weird.

display of universal monsters rubber masks

This display of Collegeville rubber masks has special meaning for me, I bought that Creature from the Black Lagoon mask that year. I saved my pennies and picked it up at SS Kresge and Co (the lunch counter in that store made every customer smell like they just made a grilled cheese)

creature from the black lagoon mask It was slightly off model (it had big red warts) but I put on my best green sweater, a pair of green playtex gloves and skulked off a to a seventh grade dance, where i learned a valuable life lesson Girls don't dig on the gill-man.


Chris said...

Great Kresge memory in your post. I remember spinning on the counter stools and rolling my new Hot Wheels across the counter at ours. We had a Kresge less than a mile from our K-Mart in the early 70's. The K-Mart was one of the highest volume locations for the time and even had a grocery store attached. Even so, I preferred the dime store atmosphere of Kresge and it's great grill odors!

Arkonbey said...

Girls don't dig on the gill-man

Truer words have never been spoken

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this mask at a novelty store in my home town. At the time I thought it was coolest looking mask being a fan of my local Friday late, late horror TV show with the gill-man being my fave. And Don Post masks were quite out of the price range for a kid on a bubblegum and soda budget.

Even the weird white color of the mask with ruby red lips and misplaced fish spots (which look more like measles) didn't bother me.

In retrospect that was a really bad creature mask! It looks like they were trying to repurpose a creature mask mold and maybe trying to make it look like some "kissing bandit" alien from outer space in order to cash in on the sci-fi trend that was becoming popular at the time.


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