Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Goulish Gallery of Values

It's refreshing to see this many monster toys on a Christmas catalog page, usually they get kind of dismissed or marginalized as being "seasonal". The only thing missing is some slime. While I've blogged about Gre-Gory being the one that got away for me as a kid and my obsession with the Remco Monsters is well documented, my favourite piece in this spread would have to be the Tomy Mighty Men and Monster Maker.

I got this set for my tenth birthday and it was one of those things that was just as fun as it was on the commercials.

I knew a couple of girls that asked for it for Christmas after seeing mine but they all got fashion plates instead. My own wife got Fashion Plates but said it was fun because she mixed the monster plates from her brother's set making weird-o she creatures.

DVD Day:

Plenty of classic 70s goodness this week, mostly of the television kind, kicking it off with the complete series set of Good Times.

This is one of those shows that starts off strong but eventually kind of falters as it goes along. I watched this show every afternoon for years on the black and white TV in my room. I haven't seen it in years and am unsure how it holds up

Also released today is the complete series set of Sanford and Son. Now this is a show I know that holds up because I watch it every chance I get and it still makes me laugh.

This 17 disc set has 136 episodes of the classic series, I had no idea the series lasted that long to be honest.

Finally and this is where my money is going this week is the 20th Anniversary set of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 . I can't say enough good things about MST 3k, I love it more than a grown man should.

Not only does this set have my favorite MST3K of all time (the 1978 opus Laserblast, coincidently the first movie I ever rented) but it has a freaking figurine of Crow T. Robot, I'm in nerd heaven....


Lady Jaye said...

You're getting MST3K: 20th Anniversary on amazon.com? Looks like it's delayed by a week in Canada (according to hmv.ca and amazon.ca).

Definitely a must-buy for me!

Ian Sokoliwski said...

Tomy Mighty Men and Monster Maker!!!

Ah, I have fond memories of that!!!

wurwolf said...

Much love to a fellow MSTie. <3

Scurvy said...

Yer dern tootin' the Mighty Men and Monster Maker lived up to the ads! I credit that more than anything to leaning me towards a future in art. I also currently have the "Little Van Goes" which puts differnt van parts together to make custom vans. Awesome funness!!!

Unknown said...

"Good Times" still holds up today. I frequently watch it on TV Land. In fact a lot of the problems of the Evans family seems to echo today with the American economy being what it is now.


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