Friday, October 24, 2008

The 1981 Remco Catalog means Monsters

In 1981, Remco, a division of Azrak Hamway International for almost the past decade, went through some changes in their product line.


Demand for many of the items that had been staples for the company such as Utility belts and powerzed Superheroes was starting to wane. All the Hulk merchandise and the Star Trek CSF sets of previous years were now gone.


Instead, Remco began to expand with things like Crayon cosmetics for girls and by expanding upon their Universal Monster license with a new series of mini monsters and two new additions to the 9" series in the form of the Creature and the Phantom.
remco monsters

As an added bonus click on the Monster pages to see a full gallery of packaged figures and playsets.

Want more Remco toys in your diet? Click the Linkage below:

1979 remco catalog.1980 remco catalog


Anonymous said...

Ok, here's the most horrible story of my life...I had these dolls, and one day I had to take out the trash in my room...lo and behold, they were in that trashbag and were never heard from again. Thinking back, I somehow knew they were in there and did it anyways. What a weird kid.

rob! said...

hey! in that Remco ad, the Creature is waving hi to us! HI, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON!

Unknown said...

i still have these, and my horror story is the wolfman was standing on the balls of his feet and they had put plastic to make him be able to stand. i thought he looked as if he was wearing heels, woman's heels... so with a exacto knife... well you get the idea.


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