Friday, October 31, 2008

The 1983 Collegeville Halloween Catalog

Lots of new faces (well, in the form of Masks) could be found in the 1983 Collegeville Catalog, while the company was still selling various knock offs such as the Spider (a very healthy run since I wore that same suit in the mid seventies) there was also a staggering amount of licensed goods available.

From dependable favourites such as the "Peanuts" to newbies like "Shirt Tales" and "Joanie Loves Chachi" and eventually hitting rock bottom with down right bizarre items like Atari Games and Rubik's Cube, Collegeville had managed to cover a great deal of bases.

I kid you not, somebody thought this was a good idea
Perhaps the biggest get here is the Universal Monsters line, an array of both childrens costumes and rubber masks which bring back a pile of fond memories for me.

As an added bonus, I've compiled all the retro Halloween shots I got into one big gallery on the site, check it out here or click the image.

Oh and have a very Happy Halloween, I want to say kudos to all my blogging brethen (and sistren) for completing the Halloween Countdown. A month of monsters has worn me right out and i think I'm going to blog about kittens for a long while. But for now, I have to go explain the "Daddy Tax" laws about candy to my kids....


Anonymous said...

I remember when ads for Collegeville rubber masks would run in the comic books when I was younger . . . you'd see Hunchback, Creature FTBL, Phantom of the Opera . . . and "Goof". For some reason Goof always angered me.

What the hell was this Goof anyway, and why was he spoiling this group of great monsters?

Yep, angry I was.

wurwolf said...

DH, I hope you've learned to let go and laugh and love again.

Happy Halloween to everyone, and a job well done, Brian! I, for one, would love to see you blog about kittens. A November challenge!

Keith said...

Very cool. I've really enjoyed all these posts you've done for the holiday. They were awesome. Hope you have a spooky cool Halloween!

Chris said...

I wanna know how many kids chose to be Mandrake in 1983?

Happy Halloween. Enjoyed your posts and all of the others in the Countdown.


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