Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Warning: Staring directly at item C may will cause nausea.

Vintage Halloween Goodness

Another great flashback from Russ over at toytraderz, this time he's Japan's greatest export (besides that Asahi beer and Hello Kitty) Godzilla!

A close up of the classic Ben Cooper costume Russ is sporting. More on Godzilla hopefully later on in the month.

DVD Releases:

Ultraman : The Complete Series.

Oh hells yes, it's finally out. For those of you not in the know, Ultraman is the brain child of Eiji Tsuburaya (of whom there is an excellent book currently out) the creator of Godzilla.

The series chronicles the adventures of Hayata, a member of the science patrol who has become fused with a giant alien policeman and can become him for periods of time. That's good because Japan is freaking loaded with giant monster problems.

The series still holds up well too, I put some episodes on for the kids a few weeks back and they wanted to watch them again.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you about the awesomeness of the Tsuburaya book and am also looking forward to this collected goodness from my early uhf channel 56 watching childhood......

Anonymous said...

Item C looks like it'd make good camouflage...

chunky B said...

I saw this post about the Ultraman DVD set and knew I had to find it, so while I was out and about I spied it for sale for 29.99 USD, regular 49.99. I thought about it and it was probably the best price I would find, took it to the cashier and they rang it up 24.99! Sweet deal.

My son and I are currently watching these, laughing all the way, these are great and still hold up rather well for being produced in the 60's!

Anonymous said...

Item C---Here's a good place to chuck these clothes...Stupid stepmom thinks I wear this crap!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired, so I'm easily frightened, today.
But, you scared me silly with the "help...me..." title + the pic of the girl looking at the "plaid pants" boy.
That was so scary, I didn't even read the rest of the article.

Hee hee!


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