Sunday, October 05, 2008

Super 8 Shockers

Rob from the great blog "All in Black and White for 75 Cents" sent me these great Castle film ads from various monster publications in the 70's. While the home video market is definitely an example of how change can be good (in this case great) thing, I still kind of miss when my parents would rent these reels from the library, it was like having a movie theatre in your house.

Frankenstein Conquers the World? Man, I've got to own that. Everytime I look at these things, I wonder how I don't own hundreds. I don't have any will power, so it must be laziness.....

On the Halloween Front, a couple of folks have dropped me a line about entering the Halloween Countdown:

Laura Moncur has a Halloween Countdown each year

Gravedigger's Local 16


Anonymous said...

Funny how many of the movies in those ads ended up on MST3k!

And I love that one of the featured movies is EQUINOX! Another classic "so bad it's good" flick, with a young, pre-WKRP Frank Bonner co-starring and a pre-Star Wars Dennis Muren directing.

rob! said...

when i was younger and i saw some of these titles i thought there were other Frankenstein films i HADN'T seen!

i was so disappointed to learn that Castle gave different parts of films different titles. (cue sad Peanuts music)


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