Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hot Costumes for 76

I think it's a pretty cool sign of the times that the apes aren't supposed to be Cornelius and Zira but Caesar and Lisa, now that's progress. What kid wanted to be Charlie Brown? I spent my life avoiding being him.


JFStan said...

I never liked those costumes with an actual picture of the character you were supposed to be on them.. It screams "My costume is so lame that I am otherwise unidentifiable without this visual aid on my chest." :)

chunky B said...

I remember the Evel Knievel one, not sure I had it, but if I didn't, I wanted it.

I felt the same way about the pictures on the front, if they had to put a picture on it, what good was the costume.

rob! said...

i love that Superman costume with the old-school S shield.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the crappy old costumes with the character's picture (or worse, the television show's name) on them: a great collection of these can be found at Retrocrush:

There are so many "what the hell were they thinking" costumes on that sight, it's a riot.

Some favorites: 'Chachi', 'Boss Hogg', 'Chuck Barris', 'Mr Kotter', 'Asteroids' (!), and possibly the most bizarre: 'One of the Brady Bunch', with red mask!?!?

Arkonbey said...

Wow DH, those are some terrible costumes. While that is totally in my time, I am happy that I could only recognize a few of them. I can only feel sorry for any designer that worked for days and finally sat back saying 'it's perfect!'.

My grandfather was a WW2 vet and brought home a lot of stuff, so I pretty much went as an 'army guy' for years.

John AKA Reggaexx said...

I've got a picture of me circa 1976 and I'm glad to know that I was wearing one of the hot costumes... I wore that same Batman costume that year!

Anonymous said...

1974 I was the devil and then hulk ben cooper smothered me on October freezing outside 105 degrees inside the plastic mask always wet. Even now my eyes water when I think about it.Good candy in those days though.


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