Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween in France!

halloween costumes from France

My pal Eric sent this amazing cool advertisement for costumes in France, this stuff is just killer. I guess Bionic Woman was called "Super Jamie" over there, I wonder if they'll call the new series that?

star wars halloween costumes from France

These Leia and C-3PO costumes are undeniably cool, the Leia looks exactly like the Kenner figure!

star wars halloween costumes from France

Mighty Mightor was kind of a bit player on Saturday morning TV stateside but in France this Hanna Barbera character was a full blown superstar! He even got his own Mego figure. Although I don't know if running around bare chested in October is a good idea....


Arkonbey said...

Dang! that Leia costume IS exactly like the action figure. Sweet.

I like the fact that Steve Austin was much more expensive in France. 3 Billion! (well, according to Babelfish...)

rob! said...

that MM costume took guts...a lot of them, actually! *rim shot*

Swinebread said...

What would your wear them for in France? Carnivale?

thegreatsatan said...

Where's "Surrender Man"?

Off topic, thanks for posting that shot of the GI Joe Capture Copter. Dude, I was 4 in 76, and I remember playing with that thing well into 80 even when parts of it were lost or eaten.

JFStan said...

No fair! That Steve Austin costume is much better than the Ben Cooper one I wore as a kid.. It actually has a collar (instead of a printed picture of one) and the mask looks more like Lee Majors. It's probably even made of cloth!! I'm so jealous.


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