Saturday, October 06, 2007

Al's toy memories

I've been wanting to start a gallery of people's childhood toy pictures but never really got around to it, then artist Al Bigley gave me a big jumpstart with these great examples from his family album. Above Al is shown with an APC Superman canister puzzle, I had an Apes one like that as a kid.

Al opening a Lone Ranger and Silver from Gabriel, really great his folks documented things so well.

The opening of a Stretch Armstrong is only slightly cooler than Al's Batman shirt in this photo. Ironically, Al would grow up and illustrate toy packages that many 90's kids remember fondly including many Batman items!

Many thanks to Al for these great memories, if anyone else would like to share some drop us a line at our mailbox.


pika23 said...

is that a ventriloquist mickey?

Tommy! said...

Ah man! I love these old pictures like this showing vintage toys & the Batman T-Shirt is way 2 cool!!

Keep up the good work dude.



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