Monday, October 22, 2007

Super Halloween

super hero costumes

I've never really grasped the concept of a superman mask, his costume should most likely just include a wig with a spitcurl. Also it's cool to see new comer Darth Vader off in the background, he's not yet the pop culture icon he would eventually become.

Oh and don't forget your Remco Utility belt for the Incredible Hulk kids because his belt in the comics wasn't just a rope....


JFStan said...

I agree about the Superman mask.. The Wonder Woman costume obviously doesn't come with one, so what's the deal?

Of course, just a couple of posts back, that Supes costume came with a red "eye mask", which is even stranger.

chunky B said...

I've seen Womder Woman masks somewhere??? I agree as well, some characters do not need a mask, especially if they did not wear a mask!

Though the Hulk mask is just plain awesome! Is his hair parted in the middle, that Hulk! He so neat!


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