Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Toy Round Up

I actually started out my Halloween coverage worried i didn't have enough content, now thanks to some very generous folks, I have way too much. Above is another great French ad from Eric (Aka Baron Sat). These were the popular shows in France at the time, Fantastic Four and Goldorak (which many Franch Canadian kids will also remember).

Close up of the ad which also mentions suits for Captain Harlock, Spectre Man and Maya the Bee! Does anyone have pictures of these costumes?

Doctor Mad's Hairy Scary Monsters is a spooky play do knock off I've never heard of.

Charlie sent in this pic of the classic Weebles Ghost Van, only in the 1970's did a Ghost need a van....

More Halloween goodies tomorrow! Stay Sick!


rob! said...

what the hell?

Lady Jaye said...

damn, I would have loved to have seen halloween costumes for Goldorak, Captain Harlock or even Candy... Loved those series as a kid (grew up in Montreal).

Mary and Bob said...

I LOVE WEEBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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