Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Coolest Halloween Stuff Ever?

mighty men and monster maker

The Mighty and Men and Monster Maker was simply one of the coolest Monster toys ever. I don't know how many women I've known who wanted this but received it's female companion, Fashion Plates. This happened to my wife, who simply mixed fashion plates people with her brother's monster plates, genius. I got to play with one of these while watching "Mad Monster Party" at my friend Charlie's place this weekend, a total geek overload!

crestwood monster books

Charlie also sent in more pics of the Crestwood series of Monter Books, I had totally forgotten about the Mad Scientist one. I think I memorized the Godzilla book in fifth grade.

crestwood monster books

These color versions are harder to find according to Charlie, I've never seen them.

monster figures

I picked up these cool Burger King Monster figures for my kids this past weekend at Kane County, there was a frankenstein but he's gone AWOL. My daughter won't put the "cree-ker" figure down, it's very sweet.

crestwood monster books

I don't know what it is about toyshows the last weekend in October but they put me in a monster toy buying mood, this weekend my entire haul was monster stuff. Including some spare crestwood books from Charlie, the previously mentioned Burger King figures and my grail for the past few months, the Remco Monsterizer.

This puppy is going to be on full display tonight along with my other figures. Happy Halloween!


JFStan said...

I had the Mighty Men and Monster Maker!! I distinctly remember taking it to school and getting in trouble with it in 6th grade! Awesome toy.

Anonymous said...

I've got a Mighty Men & Monster Maker and it's still awesome! My son and daughter play with it non-stop! None of my friends had ever had or heard of one and for years I thought I had imagined this toy. Thanks for making it so that I'm not the only one who remembered this toy.

Swinebread said...

Happy Halloween!

rob! said...

i like that the BK monsters are holding hands.

Erick said...

I also had the Mighty Men and Monster Maker when I was a kid. I may still have a few pieces in a box somewhere.

Scurvy said...

MM&MM was one of my favorite toys as a kid. I have one now called "Little Van Goes" where the panels are different sections of vans, front middle and rear. Good times!

Paxton said...

Yes! The Monster maker, Crestwood Books and Monsterizer! I totally remember all of those. I actually have the first five books of Crestwood, but I had to get the paperback versions because the hardbacks are hard to find.

I've never seen the color ones. Those are INSANE, dude.

You mind if I use that color Crestwood pic for my own blog article tomorrow? I'm talking about my own collection of the Crestwood books and would like to mention the colorized versions. I'll link it back to your site. Great blog, man. I'm going to keep checking out your articles.

You'll see my article sometime tomorrow at



AllHallowSteve said...

Awwwww... the Mighty Men and Monster Maker... -sigh-

This is another one of those times where I had the toy... loved it... and had completely forgotten about it 'til I found it on your site.

I made TONS of different characters with that thing. I even dragged it out to make pictures for my "characters" in my D&D phase.

Good times... and yes I realize I admitted I had a D&D phase...



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