Friday, August 09, 2013

Pod Stallions Episode 7: Battle Beyond the Star Wars

Originally we were going to do our Empire Strikes Back show but then realized that discussion of all the other Sci Fi properties of the late 1970s would have left us with a four hour show.

So, Episode 7 lovingly talks about all those "other" SF movies of the disco era from the feety pajamas of Star Fleet to Gil Gerard's unforgiving spandex to Vic Morrow's robot love, no cubit is left unturned. 

As usual, there are some detours along the road in the form of discussion of British comics, Wilfred Hyde White and 
why threes never work..

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Desdinova said...

Another great podcast. The singer of the theme song to Buck Rogers is Kipp Lennon. He is a brother of the Lawrence Welk Show's "lovely Lennon Sisters." He also has written and recorded several songs for The Simpsons that are on the soundtracks. However, contrary to what the liner notes and the TV credits say, he is not singing on "Lisa, It's your Birthday." That was sung by a guy with the initials M-J that was big in the 80s.

Plaidstallions said...

Cool trivia that I did not know but now will carry to my grave, thanks!

Anonymous said...

"I'm fascinated by Debbie!" HA HA. Best line. Make some more!!!


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