Friday, August 30, 2013

Diener Industries 1975 Catalog


Seeing as it's back to school time, no catalog makes more sense than Diener, who specialized in rubber figurines, erasers and pencil toppers. Essentially the inexpensive toys disguised as School supplies you could sneak into school. Looking at this thing brought a flood of memories to me, as it's an inventory of stuff I forgot I had.


Diener was no stranger to licensing either, they offered Saturday morning favourites such as the Flintstones, New Zoo Revue, Looney Toons, Micky mouse, Yogi Bear, Matchbox Cars and more. The 1975 Diener Catalog is a total back to school flashback.

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David Schumacker said...

I must say -you have the coolest toy catalog collection that i know of. I don't know how you managed to acquire all those (especially the wonderful AHI catalogs) for your collection, but they couldn't go to a better collector... I am glad you got them... they are wonderful to check out -- and your site is top-notch and great fun!

Plaidstallions said...

Thanks David, my collection is the combination of my own cash and the generosity of some wonderful benefactors.

It's the largest or the coolest collection that I know of but luckily the owner of that one is big on sharing. Win/Win!

Plaidstallions said...

I meant to say "It's NOT the largest or the coolest collection that I know of"

I've got some obscure stuff but I know others who blow me out of the water.

Tom said...

I have that pink dragon in the bottom row of the catalog cover, second from left, except mine is yellow. I don't recall where I got it, but I remember the tail was originally connected to his back and the urge to detach it finally won me over.

Manny said...

I'm pretty sure I had a complete set of those Warner Bros. Loony Tunes character erasers and I'm almost a 100% certain that I got them out of a quarter machine near my elementary school.

Funny thing is, I don't think I thought they were erasers and just used them as figurines.


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