Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Stereo Shop Far, Far Away

Francis sent in a pair of awesome Star Wars appearance shots this week, I'll start with this awesome Chewbacca and let him explain.

I thought you might enjoy these pics from 1978. Back story: It was announced (I think in a newspaper ad) that Darth Vader and Chewbacca were both making an appearance at a local stereo/audio shop in Sacramento, California. My friend and I took the bus to the store and encountered the faux-Star Wars characters. I believe we were the only ones there to see Vader and Chewie. It looks like I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Thanks Francis! Look for part two of Francis's adventure in a stereo shop far, far, away next week!

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lauranell said...

So cool! Love your Indiana Jones look Francis, complete with satchel :)

Anonymous said...

So awesome! You guys look set to beat the Kessel Run together!

Corey LeChat said...

My money says that half of the bandolier is comprised of cigarette packs.


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