Friday, August 23, 2013

GI Joes from Brazil

I've been particularly enthralled with the Brazilian version of GI Joe for a few years now, thanks to the interwebs. Falcon, as it's known was for much of it's tenure,  pretty much a standard Military Adventure line like we had here and in other parts of the world. 

However, around 1980, all hell broke loose and the line went all sci-fi, creating some very interesting and creative character designs. It's sort of like Bulletman and Super Joe had a baby.

I've been coveting these guys for a long time but unless you know a guy there, it can be tough and risky to track any down. 

Fortunately, I met a fella by the name of Peron who turned out to be a good egg and I now have a couple of figures to share. More after the Jump.

First meet Torak, the villain of the series. One thing the US Joe line could have used was a guy like Torak, Intruders were interesting but I mean....look at this guy!

That Chest piece is obviously derived from Super Joe Technology (I know they sold 12" versions of the vest separately in Europe as well).  Falcon was armed with approprate laser weapons and outfits to combat Torak but he also got some new friends.

Meet Condor, Falcon's ally in the battle against Torak (which is only one letter away from this iconic 70s villain).  

Condor has a couple of awesome features, that Doctor Fate/Rocketeer helmet, the scepter, the vac metal parts and his awesome secret!

Condor is an android in the truest "West World" fashion.  My only issue with these guys is I honestly can't afford to buy anymore for some time.

For more info on Falcon check out this fun site.

G.I. Joe Action Team Line from Germany

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Léo from BZ said...

Condor does not have a scepter, actually it is a sword!


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