Saturday, August 31, 2013

Captain America will be here on....

The folks at Good Old Vintage sent over a snap of this awesome Captain America appearance poster, sadly it's already been sold. As a collector of such things, it's amazing to see a poster for Cap, who likely less in demand than Spider-Man. I heart this....

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Anonymous said...

That was my favorite picture of Captain America, probably because I had the T-shirt back in the 70's. My ma went and laundered it and it shrunk up, so that was the end of that. It's John Romita sr. if I'm not mistaken. I usually prefer Jack Kirby's version, but, hell, I loved that t-shirt. My little brother had the one with the Hulk.

Anonymous said...

TR says: I like Capt. America. I liked his stories in the 1970s + 1980s.

Hi, Um, should I call you Mr. Plaid Stallions?

I think is selling a game like the 1976 game named: The Jaws Game. On perpetual kid .com, it's called: Sharky's Diner. Just in case if you know anybody who likes the game.
Cheers, TR.


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