Sunday, August 04, 2013

Darth wants you!

Brooke sent in a pile of cool clippings for Star Wars Mall Appearances, I love this one for Clover (?) stores which also hawks SW underwear, bedding and records. He also sent me this rare trading card.

I am so angry that I didn't think of this as a kid!

Brooke's website is called, a musical portal to all things

 OLD HOLLYWOOD: The Glamour, the Myths, the Legends. He just released a 

new CD, you should check it out. 

plaid Stallions mall appearance gallery
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Brook said...

Clover Dept stores were sort of like KMART/Sears based in the Philadelphia area, where they had the various departments like the shoe section, where an employee would actually measure your feet, bring out the shoes, etc...

Muscato said...

Clovers were fun - they were the budget brand for the upscale department store Strawbridge & Clothier (which called its periodic storewide specials "Clover Days"). I always wondered if Clover came from a mispronciation of "Clothier."


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