Saturday, August 10, 2013

Darth Burger Chef

Dylan (pictured in the middle just below Darth's fusebox) sent in this wonderful shot from 1977 when the dark lord of the sith popped into a, Iron Mountain, MI Burger Chef for lunch.

Actually he was there to promote the Burger Chef giveaway premiums (which by the way are completely awesome, why didn't you guys tell me?).

I never grow tired of "regional Vaders" and I never will, they are the stuff of magic to me. Thanks Dylan.

plaid Stallions mall appearance gallery

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Sharp said...

The Burger Chef Star Wars posters were some of the best SW posters ever produced. Terrific art. Between my brother and I, we had all four.

Unknown said...

'I find your lack of fries disturbing'.

I haven't seen a Burger Chef since the late 1970's, which is about the last time I saw a regional Darth Vader.


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