Saturday, March 17, 2012

The hamburger happy clown invades Canada

Chris AKA Mysterion the Mind Reader sent in this awesome shot from late 1970s in conjunction with a new McDonalds opening at in the plaza at Duffferin and Lawrence in Toronto. Chris recollects that he "lost his mind" when this event occured.

I remember being super fond of the McDonalds and Burger King characters back then as well, funny how well this promotion worked.

 Look for more from Chris in the very near future.

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Chad said...

That picture just screams "Nobody move or the kid gets it!".

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is TR.
I love this kid's spooked expression!
It looks like the kid is saying: SOMEONE get him to LET GO of ME!!!!
Heh, Heh!

Jack Norris said...

I remember a Ronald appearance at my new local McD's when I was about6:
I could tell by his voice that he wasn't the "real" Ronald from the commercials and left without getting in the autograph line. I was kind of disgruntled over that.

I did grab a couple of mini-poster things & some stickers of the "real" slightly-ugly-n'-creepy versions of the McDonaldland characters before their bogus "cute-ification," but they're long gone...


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