Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blow me down....

One of the things that drove me to write a book about Rack Toys is the unintentional hilarity that seems to stem from it. Case in point, this set which connects a license to something it really shouldn't.

Popeye seems to have a lot of this going on. I am sure that he gets a haircut from time to time, I am also sure it's been seen in the strip,  however it still doesn't make this toy anymore sensical.

Kudos to the people at Larami for depicting a Popeye contemplating a shave on the card art, that ties up all loose ends, thank you.

This is only the beginning with me and Popeye, it could be an entire chapter (and likely will be)

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Richard said...

Not only does Popeye shave, it's the topic of one of his most classic cartoons:


Clearly this is what inspired the makers of this toy set!


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