Friday, March 02, 2012

Trading Card # 39: Martian Chronicles

Card 39 is one of my favourite rack toys of all time, the Martian Chronicles toy line by Larami. Larami wasn't exactly known for action figures, actually I'm not sure if they ever made one before or after this line.

This is also  the first time I've not used an original catalog image for a PS card, I just couldn't find something I was happy with.

These were based on the TV mini series that was a big deal in the late 1970s. I'll admit that it scared me as a kid (I was kind of a wuss) but now as an adult I've grown very fond of it.

I know the production has it's detractors (including the author himself) but I love it's cast, "retro future" design and Tomita inspired soundtrack. It also gave me an interest in the original book, one of my favourites now.

One of the things the mini series did very well were the Martian designs, they were inspired and one of the reasons I love these Larami action figures.

Though they are quite possibly, the cheapest made things I currently own. The bodies and heads wouldn't last an hour's play at the gentlest child's hands.

1 comment:

Tex said...

Yet another cool SF toy that NEVER got across the border into Mississippi, dadblastit!

Wish they would have done more with the concept--at least some spaceships or guns (especially the guns.)

(oh, and the soundtrack is available on CD now)


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