Friday, March 30, 2012

The Doctor Who Pattern Book

doctor who pattern book

I was gifted this book sight unseen by my pal Andy, who told me it was perfect for the site. I was skeptical, that is until I opened it. It's the perfect combination of nerdy fan love mixed with fashion mockery.

There is as much to mock as there is to absolutely love in this sweet little tome, these crude (but wonderful) Doctor Who custom figures made using Action Man dolls are just one of those reasons I heart this book. More photos after the jump:

Published at a time when Doctor Who fandom would reach it's zenith in America (just before we all saw the Colin Baker stories) this book really has some both whacky and creative designs.

doctor who pattern book

This sweater with it's built in celery is perhaps embracing the JNT years a little more than i like.

doctor who pattern book

The Tom Baker scarf, I'm assuming that this was the original pitch for the book:

Author: " I want to make a book of patterns so Who fans can make Tom Baker's scarf"

Publisher: "Brilliant, but what else does it offer?"

Author: "Oh....yeah..... I can do ....villain the....uhhhhh...Cybermen!"
doctor who pattern book

I don't care how hard you squint this is a kid in a windbreaker with some silver gloves. What's he going to do, get in a fight with a kid with a plunger in his hand?

Kudos for "pie plates/tardis wall" thing though, bravo.

doctor who pattern book

Now there's a look that's going to get you laid all over town, the fifth Doctor, actually this could just be a picture of a random cricket player. Bonus points for shooting this in a quarry, I'm sure the actual cast of Doctor Who filmed there.

doctor who pattern book

This is nerd child abuse. Did any kid see Adric and say "I wanna be the whiny knob who is good at math and dresses all space Amish." The celery sweater looks better and better....

doctor who pattern book

This is probably my favourite item in the book, not only is this genius but I'm angry I don't sleep in one every night.

Everything in this picture is adorable and I want it.

doctor who pattern book

I think this is supposed to be Nyssa or every girl that worked at my grandparent's shoe store in the early 80s, I'm not sure which.

Stuffed is always a brilliant idea and one I'm really perplexed why enterprising toy companies don't jump all over this *cough bifbangpow cough*.

Cybermats, deadly and cuddly, a winning combination.

doctor who pattern book

Goodbye pattern book players, I'll miss you.


Laura Moncur said...

OMG! MUST have the Tardis sleeping bag!!!

If I had brought that sleeping bag to my childhood sleepovers, I would have been tormented beyond imagining.

Probably best that my grandma never found that pattern book, but how I wish I could make myself a Tardis sleeping bag!

Alphacentaurian said...

I wasn't aware Robert Mitchum played the Doctor :)


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