Thursday, March 22, 2012

Toys that fight back

Leave it to the Japanese to improve upon a standard north American toy, the bop bag. Unlike our defenseless versions which teach children nothing, Japanese children threw punches with the knowledge that Ultra-Man might give them five across the eyes for doing so.

Well done land of the rising sun!


Retro Hound said...

I gave Toy Hunters your website and told them about your book. Hopefully they can hook up with you. It appears I am too isolated and they probably won't be heading my way. (insert sad face here)

Tex said...

I never had any interest in bop bags, but then I never saw a Godzilla one before! Imagine--a bop bag that could melt your face off with radioactive breath if you didn't hit him right the first time!

Theoretically, the Toy Hunters are coming down here to the coast to my local funnybook store.

If they do, I'll take pics of any toys that fit the blog's brief.

(who will be bringing the remains of his MC-4 MAC Emergency Medical Unit)


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