Monday, March 12, 2012

Canada's Superhero

Finally some evidence of this shirt featuring Canada's Superhero, Captain Canuck. I've honestly been searching for an image I could use for the blog as it's almost a Nerd Therapy Session in itself.

True story, a kid in  my fourth grade class had this shirt, he was one of the cooler boys so I brought in an issue of Captain Canuck (which I bought solely to impress him) in order to bond with him assuming he was a fan.

If I recall his exact words were, "Why are you showing your comics to me?".

 Clearly the shirt had not been a purchase he had any say in and he wasn't even aware of the character, I felt pretty stupid. So, Captain Canuck reminds me mostly of being socially awkward. A couple of years later we bonded over my having Activision Hockey for the Atari 2600, video games were a great equalizer....

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