Tuesday, April 05, 2011

WW2 parachuting team up

Behold the very last parachuting AHI figure ever made (at least I think it is, although I'm still convinced there are Mighty Crusaders ones out there) Sgt. Rock, based on the DC comic series. AHI rolled out a lot of old favourites like the Batplane and the motorcycle toy for Sgt. Rock. Their other company Remco producing an action figure line meant to compete with G.I. Joe. Even though I can't remember reading a SGT Rock comic as a kid, I can't resist that Kubert artwork.

And here was have an AHI Captain America Parachutist, Cap got in just under the wire in the late 1970s along with the Hulk and was one of the last superhero parachutists made. Cap may be one of the more logical parachuting superheroes ever made seeing as he actually used them in comics.

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Anonymous said...

"Sgt. Rock Parachutist Commando" replaced "Sgt. Rock Commando Parachutist", which was recalled after parents complained that the figure wasn't wearing any pants. ;-)

rob! said...

Sgt. Rock seemed like such an odd character to merchandise, esp. in the 80s when the character was, let's admit, long past his prime.

Maybe it was the time? This was Reagan's America, which was much more pro-military; you had G.I. Joe and Rambo, so maybe Sgt. Rock toys make sense.

John III said...

The 80's were fantastic for military toys. God bless em'!

Drive-In Mike said...

Loved parachute figures. I would have demanded Sgt. Rock. Has Batman, but his cheap cape bit the dust after one adventure.


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