Saturday, April 09, 2011

Giganta is alive and well in Texas

I got a happy email this week in the form of this photo from Cory, who showed me that a vintage Giganta is still in good condition and being enjoyed in Benbrook Texas. I featured Giganta on the site a couple of years ago and it's awesome to see one survived the polyester decade.

Occasionally folks  do send me shots of vintage playground equipment still in use but they're usually sad shells of their former selves or about to be dozed, so it's really great to see one still providing smiles. Rock on Giganta!

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Tex said...

Man, I wish we'd had slides and other play equipment like Giganta down here. All we got were the standard designs (the most interesting of which was the geodesic dome.)

You folks in Benbrook have a slide down both sides for me, ya hear?

(now wanting to hit the nearest playground)

Doug said...

Here's a link that has some cool pics of old playgrounds:

Paulo Almeida Prado said...


I'm a brazilian reader. I'm writing this just for tell that we had a Giganta, just like that, here in my city too! Hahaha

This was when I was a child, now I'm 24...

Nice to see this!

Anonymous said...

I have thought about this robot for years! I used to play on one in Zion, Ill and it was the coolest thing!! So cool to see it still exists and it wasn't all in my head...LOL


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