Saturday, April 16, 2011

More stuff I saw at a toyshow

Went in early to the Spring Canadian Toy collectors show on Saturday and snapped a few shots of what's waiting for folks tomorrow in Toronto. This by no means represents this metric ton of cool stuff there, just some of the more oddball things that caught my eye.

Fonzie Pencil case with it's creepy caricature almost went home with me...

More after the jump:

Milky the Marvelous mistake by Kenner

These days Joe likes to eat  peyote and drive naked through Adventure Team Headquarters.

Fabulous Black Hole Model display

More Karrio than anyone knows what to do with, there were a lot of Micronauts at the show, hard to fight my inner hoarder.

A real Canadian Hero?

A sales book for chewing gum from the 1960s with pages of photos of vintage displays and header cards. I don't collect this stuff but I was really tempted to buy this.

Big headed Spidey on a trike, magical.

My big score thus far? Love Boat Puffy stickers, respect the classics.
The show starts on 9AM on the 17th and here is a printable coupon for a buck off admission:


Unknown said...

Love the Spider-Man!

joad said...

someday I'll get to that show....thanks for the pics!


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