Friday, April 22, 2011

Vintage Toy Store Pictures Part Ten

I cannot think of a better update for our fifth anniversary other than doing another vintage toy store update. When I set out to create  the original vintage toy store gallery for the site, I never imagined I'd get to part 2 let alone roman numeral X!

 Being a toy nerd this is my favourite section of the site and I love that I've unearthed this much goodness and that it's touched so many of you.

As sequels go, Part ten does not disappoint with plenty of iconic toys spotted on the shelves, We've got Micronauts, Star Wars, Mego 2XL and Star Trek, Tonka Trucks, Janex talking alarm clocks, Dinky cars, Dancerella and a few more suprises!

Click Here to visit Toy Stores Part Ten

And if you haven't already check out parts 1-9:

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