Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pressman Space Creatures

This cool promotional shot of the heads of the Pressman toy company wearing their cool Star Wars inspired masks was a recent fun find. Lots of companies jumped on the space wagon pretty quick and managed to beat Kenner to the stores. These masks weren't simple knock offs though, they were designed by Dick Smith, the Oscar winning make up artist who influenced a generation of special effects people.

 I'm pretty sure I've seen that Zordius mask as a background alien on several 70s sci fi shows.



I had VORKAN and Zordius as a kid----my dad had to build VORKAN for me the knight before Holloween so I could wear it to school the next day. I always wanted Megathor but the lines was discontinued about the time I started getting them. The backs tended to split easily.

Umbratikus said...

Ha! I had these, too. To be more specific, I had Vorkan, and my brother had Zordius. It was Halloween 1979, I think. I had forgotten all about them until I saw this pic.

Anonymous said...

It seems like I recall that line of masks being advertised in Famous Monsters of Filmland. Either that, or Fangoria. I don't remember clearly, as I was reading both magazines pretty frequently during the Star Wars era.

Anonymous said...

I have a zordius mask complete with box,instructions, and never assembled. The little foam pads intended for glueing on the inside rotted, as foam that old usually does. But other than that, it's all there. Anyone know what it's value would be?


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