Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UFO Commander Series

I'm guessing this picture might solve a lot of mysteries for folks here. Released in 1976, these wonderful diecast spaceships were readily available when Star Wars hit theatres.

As a kid, I had the Jeek Tunnelin vehicle, still have it here in the office. I knew even at 8 that this was some funky toy from Asia and wanted to know more about it. It doubled as the Argo when I played "Starblazers" in the back yard, good times...


Tex said...

"I'm guessing this picture might solve a lot of mysteries for folks here."

It certainly did! Until it got eaten in the Great Cataclysm, I had the >squints at the small print< Blue Silver, and always wondered what it was called.

Thank you for the info!

(the quest begins)

Daniel Gilbert said...

I had the Brain 3 -- I never knew what is was from. Massive thanks!


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