Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleep over hijinx

"Come on Vince, it's truth or dare!"


Alphacentaurian said...

Doug Henning and Moire Man dare Captain Sideburns to shock Lady Manfingers with his patented shag carpet shock touch.

plasticfetish said...

There are waaaay too many bare feet in that photo.

Unknown said...

The guy on the right's jammies are a Star Trek fan's dream!

Doug said...

Egad -- I believe I had that pair of jammies on the right!

As to the other two, thank the lord we sleep in the dark!


aimee said...

"C'mon, Vince, don't we deserve your best scotch?"

Jay said...

(one in the blue) Alright fine, but not until somebody gives me back my Star Trek pin & Dr Spock ears!


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