Friday, April 22, 2011

The PlaidStallions Fashion Mockery Contest

After years of blogging about them, I'm finally giving one away! Thanks to my sponsor (my first sponsor in five years I might add) halloween I am giving away either a men's or woman's disco outfit in the winner's size. It's truly the most appropriate grand prize I've ever given. (This prize is only open to folks in Canada or the US sorry) has an extensive collection of retro costumes, including these 70s costumes. Whether you need a traditional Halloween costume or a disco or hippie costume for a party, you can find what you need at

Runners up get a variety of PlaidStallions goodies, DVDs, copies of the Megomuseum's 1978 and trading cards.

The Contest? Caption the Pic

Most of you do a better job than me anyway so merely send me your thoughts on the gem above and the winners will be announced on the blog next Saturday.


techdeco monk said...'s a bird! it's a plane! it's a Plaid Stallion. cool.

aimee said...

"Man, I didn't think Billy would fly so high when we launched him in our homemade rocket!"

Doug said...

It was at that very moment that Billy,Van and Bobby realized that any shred of dignity they had remaining had just ran away.

Tex said...

LOOK! Up above the Disco Duck!

It's a bird? (No, that's just the sideburns.)

It's a plane? (No, that's just the lapels and collar.)

It's Brick Mantooth! Strange visitor from a better decade!

Brick Mantooth! -- Who can change the music being played just by entering the room, crush Hai Karate bottles in his bare hands, and who, disguised as no one (because you can't hide that much Badassery,) fights a never-ending battle for good music, loose women, and a fast car!

(AND he's gonna punch out the dancing queen in purple and steal his date!)


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