Monday, January 24, 2011

Bat Plane Memories

New to the AHI Batman Rack Toys Gallery is this fun little plane which in 1976, caused my grandmother much duress. As a kid, I was often baby sat by her on Saturdays while she worked in her store, this usually meant a trip to Woolco and a cheap "shut up toy" of this ilk.

Upon buying this very toy, I promptly shot it into the then bustling crowds of the Whitby mall, causing my normally good natured Grandmother's head to explode, seriously this was the first and maybe one of five times I've seen her blow her stack. She was so pissed she returned the thing. I remember at five years of age thinking that action was deserved.

Sadly, these days I could probably land the actual bat plane into the same mall and not hit a soul...

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1 comment:

Drive-In Mike said...

I am pretty sure I owned the Spider-Man version of this plane. I seem to recall playing with the gun more than the actual plane.


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